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William Drake, International Fellow and Lecturer in the Media Change and Innovation Division has edited a new volume entitled, The Working Group on Internet Governance:10th Anniversary Reflections http://amzn.to/22hWZxC.  


Convened by the UN Secretary General in 2004, the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) was an important turning point in the UN’s three year World Summit on the Information Society negotiations.  


The WGIG advance global understanding of the nature of Internet governance and the issues and institutions involved, and it produced a report with recommendations that included the creation of the UN’s Internet Governance Forum. This book brings together former WGIG members and other leading voices in the WSIS to reflect on the WGIG’s procedural and substantive contributions to the evolving global Internet governance ecosystem.


The volume is a follow-up to a previous book — William J. Drake, ed., Reforming Internet Governance: Perspectives from the UN Working Group on Internet Governance (2005).